One wounded in robberies by militiamen in North Darfur

Witnesses report four robberies and attacks in Kutum, Kabkabiya, and Birkat Seira in the past days, that resulted in the injuring of one man and the missing of vehicles and money.

Militiamen broke into shops and stole goods in Kutum, North Darfur, on Wednesday evening. In Kabkabiya, a man was shot by robbers inside his house. Militia members stole vehicles and money from residents in Birkat Seira.

Merchants in the town north-west of El Fasher city reported that pro-government militiamen broke into the stores of two merchants to steal various goods, and eight tins of oil and five sugar sacks.

Three pro-government militants wearing military uniforms also threatened a motorcycle driver in the street at gunpoint to disembark. They took his motorcycle and fled.

On Wednesday night, two militiamen on a motorcycle attacked Terab Abdallah Moaj inside his house in El Safa district in Kabkabiya, in an attempt to rob him. Moaj was shot by the gunmen, and later transferred to a local hospital in critical condition.

A number of residents of Birkat Seira in Saraf Umra locality were attacked by militia members in a Land Cruiser on Wednesday night. They robbed three vehicles, money and other properties at gunpoint.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that the resident found the three stolen vehicles without tires a number of kilometres from the town on Thursday. They belonged to two basic school teachers and a merchant.