Policeman killed in West Kordofan tribal clash

Unrest between two group of tribal combatants in Wad Banda locality results in the wounding of a number of people. One intervening policeman was killed.

A number of people were wounded in clashes between the Shanabla and Gemesat tribes in Wad Banda locality in West Kordofan state, on Thursday. One policeman who tried to intervene between the combatants was killed.

Witnesses revealed that on Thursday morning, the authorities sent a large army force at Um Girenat area to disengage and separate the combatants.

A witness told Dabanga that the clashes between the two sides started on Wednesday, which led to the intervention of the police of El Foga area. The witness added that one of the parties to the conflict opened fire on the police personnel, resulting in the death of one policeman.