One killed in El Geneina-Zalingei road robbery, Darfur

A road robbery and a rollover accident results in the death of one person and the wounding of others. In Sirba, security agents ‘torture’ a man charged with belonging to rebels.

Two incidents on the road from El Geneina to Zalingei led to the death of one person and the wounding of several people on Thursday. One of the incidents was a robbery, “carried out by pro-government militiamen.” In West Darfur, a displaced man, charged with being a member of a rebel movement,  was "tortured" by security agents.

A witness told Dabanga Sudan that members of a government-backed militia opened fire on a commercial bus and its passengers, just 10 km outside of El Geneina in West Darfur, on Thursday. During the attack, one passenger was shot and killed. Another passenger sustained injuries.

The perpetrators then stole the money, mobile phones, and other properties the passengers carried with them.

In the second incident, seven people were wounded when their bus rolled over while driving. This also happened on the road from El Geneina to Zalingei on Thursday. The wounded have been transferred to the hospital in El Geneina for treatment.


In Sirba camp, West Darfur, the displaced Mura Yahya Bashir was beaten for several hours by members of the national security service. He is charged with being a member of the rebel Justice and Equality Movement, a relative said.

The relative explained that the security service summoned Bashir on Thursday to their office in Sirba locality. Once there, they took him into a dark room and severely beat Bashir for several hours.

“The incident has angered the displaced people in the camp, who have called for the authorities to stop the abuses and excesses of the security apparatus in the region,” the relative explained.