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NUP demands ‘immediate suspension’ of Sudan’s new dams

February 14 - 2016 OMDURMAN
Graffiti saying “No Dal, No Kajbar” (
Graffiti saying “No Dal, No Kajbar” (

The National Umma Party (NUP) has demanded the immediate suspension of the construction of the Dal, Kajbar and El Shereik dams in Sudan’s Northern State.

In a statement on Friday, the NUP demanded “the immediate suspension of any actions or arrangements related to the construction of the dams”.

According to the opposition party, the construction of the dams is only possible “in agreement with the residents of the areas” and “after scientific studies [have been done that] prove the feasibility of such projects” in relation to the possibility of “preserving the culture and heritage of the region”.

The NUP further accused the authorities of misusing the funds for the construction of the three dams in favour of “the regime, its companies, party and personnel”.

“The regime’s policies are targeting the resources of this country, and impoverishing and humiliating the people,” the statement reads.

The party repeated its stance that the Sudanese government is to be changed, either through a popular uprising or by “a serious national dialogue that changes the country led by individuals to a fatherland led by its citizens”.

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