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North Kordofan lawyer’s house raided

December 24 - 2018 EL RAHAD / EL OBEID

Four people were injured in a raid by agents of Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) on the house of lawyer Faroug Abdelrahim in El Rahad in North Kordofan on Saturday.

Lawyer Mousa Mohamed told Radio Dabanga that a security force stormed the house of Abdelrahim at around 2 am on Saturday to detain his sons Nazem and Fayig, and when the family refused to hand them over, the security force used force and fire wounding Fayig on the leg, Khalid El Haj and Mohamed Idris  who were taken to El Obeid Hospital.

The lawyer said that the authorities held Nazem, El Haj and Idris from inside the hospital and took them to their detention centre in El Obeid and then moved them to the police station in El Obeid after filing a complaint against them.


According to the lawyer, the raid on Abdelrahim’s house came against the backdrop of the participation of the students of Ibn El Heisam private schools in the demonstrations on Saturday, accusing him of not granting school students a holiday that day.

In addition, NISS agents arrested more than 100 people in El Obeid and El Rahad in North Kordofan following the demonstrations on Friday and Saturday and held them in their detention centres in El Obeid.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that the number of detainees in the security apparatus is about 150 people, mostly youths, 25 of them from El Rahad, including Musaab Faroug the son of lawyer Abdelrahim, who is injured and receiving treatment inside the prison.

Witnesses said the detainees were subjected to the worst forms of beating.

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