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Doctors strike in Sudan – emergency services reinforced

December 24 - 2018 KHARTOUM
Doctors treat a civilian injured during street protests in Sudan last week
Doctors treat a civilian injured during street protests in Sudan last week

The Sudanese Professionals Association announced that doctors in Sudan will be on strike on Monday in the wake of a series of strikes in the professional sectors “aimed at paralysing the government’s work force and stopping its resources used in killing and suppressing the Sudanese people”.

The Association said in a statement that the open doctors’ strike today includes the departments of cold cases in all states of Sudan, with continued and increased coverage of emergency departments and injuries. They will also maintain an increased presence in fields and squares through volunteer emergency teams that have decided to work through the doctors who are under the umbrella of the Association “to carry out the emergency tasks that the state has abandoned completely to kill more of our countrymen”.

Doctor Sarah Abduljalil, the head of the Sudanese Doctors Union in the United Kingdom, told Radio Dabanga that the strike was part of a series of professional strikes through the umbrella of the Sudanese Professionals Association.

She stressed that the strike today includes the transferred and external clinics in all hospitals in Sudan, in addition to pre-scheduled and non-emergency operations that do not affect life.

She announced the continuation of work in vital departments such as emergency, injuries, emergency operations, gynaecology and obstetrics in all hospitals that will not be affected by the strike.


On Tuesday, members of the Sudanese Professionals Association will march peacefully to the parliament to hand over a memorandum against hunger and soaring prices.

The rally, supported by political parties and civil society organisations, will bring together professionals, including teachers, journalists, journalists, engineers and lawyers.

The Association said in its statement "The cost of the regime use of violence, bullets and killings as a means of silencing the voices of freedom accelerates the rise of popular demands and the unification of everyone behind them,".

In a statement, the Sudanese Professionals Association called upon the various professional and labour sectors and all the Sudanese people to continue their daily and continuous presence in the streets and squares of the various countries, demonstrating and protesting until the near victory.

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