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North Darfur police station attacked after failed robber dies

June 27 - 2016 SARAF UMRA
File photo: Darfur police station
File photo: Darfur police station

An attempted robbery at Saraf Umra market in North Darfur on Sunday led to an attack on the local police station which wounded a civilian.

Sheikh Abdel Razeg Suleiman, the coordinator of the Saraf Umra camps, told Radio Dabanga that on Sunday morning a paramilitary group attempted to rob merchants within the market at Saraf Umra.

“They failed and tried to flee. During the escape, one of the militiamen collided with a cart, and was killed outright.”

Sheikh Suleiman explained that the other militiamen than tried to attack the cart owner, but he took refuge at the Saraf Umra police station.

The militiamen then fired on the police station. Faisal Fadel Ahmed who was being held in police custody on an unrelated complaint was hit in the crossfire. He was transferred to hospital in Saraf Umra.

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