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North Darfur Police Chief: Major drug bust on El Fasher-Khartoum road

May 1 - 2016 EL FASHER
File photo
File photo

The North Darfur police have announced that they have seized a sizable haul of illegal drugs that were being transported in the state.

North Darfur State Police Chief, Mohamed Abdallah, announced the seizure of “more than a 100 doses of opium, 500 Tramadol pills, 200 kharsha [Akisol] pills, and large amounts of sexual stimulants”.

The police chief said the drugs were seized from a Land Cruiser that was traveling from El Fasher to Khartoum via the Western Salvation Road.

Transit point

A community sheikh told Radio Dabanga from Zamzam camp for the displaced near El Fasher that drug abuse among students and young people has significantly increased.

“Students, other youths, and militiamen are now selling various types of drugs and cannabis in the camp in front of the schools,” he said.

“The area of El Fasher has become a transit point for drug trafficking from Darfur and the neighbouring countries to Khartoum, as militiamen and gunmen in the region are profiting from the absence of the rule of law” he explained. “In order to escape the reality of rampant insecurity, vast unemployment, and the absence of any prospects for the future, many young people seek refuge in drugs”.


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