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North Darfur governor orders anti-corruption committee

May 3 - 2019 DARFUR

The acting governor of North Darfur, Maj Gen Malik Khojaly, issued a decision to form a committee that will receive complaints of corruption in the state, and refer them to the competent authorities overseen by the head of the legal department in the state.

The decision stipulates that the committee shall have the following powers: Receiving complaints, classifying them and transferring them to the competent authorities to take the necessary measures on them and working to combat corruption and the corrupt in the state

South Darfur

On Thursday, people in Mershing in South Darfur staged a demonstration in front of the army unit in Menawashi to demand that the Transitional Military Council hand over power to civilian leadership, prosecute those involved in committing abuses and crimes against citizens and stop the National Congress Party in the locality.

A demonstrator told Radio Dabanga that hundreds of demonstrators gathered from different areas of the locality, submitted a memorandum to the commander of the garrison carrying their demands and condemned the continuation of the National Congress Party in the exercise of its activities in the locality through the interfaces of the Popular Committees, demanding an immediate freeze of its credits, stop of its activity and the prosecution of those involved in various violations and crimes in the locality.

West Darfur

Maj Gen Abdelkhalig Badawi, the acting governor of West Darfur received a memorandum from the Sudanese Professionals Association and forces of Freedom and Change from the Tendelti administrative unit in El Geneina locality.

The memorandum pointed to the demands of the revolutionaries in Khartoum in addition to the locality demands including providing services to the area, stopping the land procedures and granting permits to traders to bring strategic goods and open roads.

The memorandum also called for the creation of an environment conducive to the return of displaced people and the refugees to their villages and the prosecution of the figures of the former regime in the locality, stressing the need to dissolve the organisations and put their headquarters and resources under the command of the armed forces in Tendelti.

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