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EU division head meets legal, media, humanitarian actors in Sudan capital

May 2 - 2019 KHARTOUM

Patrick Simonnet Head of Division of Horn of Africa in the European Union’s External Action Service arrived in the Sudan capital of Khartoum today and held meetings with representatives of several facets of Sudanese society.

According to statements via social media by the European Union in Sudan, Simmonet chaired a meeting with various representatives of the Sudanese lawyers to discuss the challenges facing the interim justice, legal situation, trial of former officials, and legal reforms needed in the coming period in Sudan.

Patrick Simonnet, EU Head of
Division, Horn of Africa

The meeting was attended by the resident European Ambassadors in Sudan from Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

In a previous EU declaration on 17 April 2019, the European Union confirmed its readiness to engage with an inclusive civilian transitional body, once in place, to design together EU future relationship beginning with immediate support measures to the Sudanese people who continue to face a dire economic and humanitarian situation.

World Press Freedom Day

As tomorrow marks World Press Freedom Day, Simonnet also met with a number of Sudanese journalists, international correspondents, and media professionals.

Simonnet told the press that the European Union will continue to raise the issue of press freedoms in all the dialogues and meetings with the Sudanese government to ensure progress in this field which is vital to the strengthening of human rights which is key to meet the aspirations of the Sudanese society.

Humanitarian organisations

As the European Union is one of the main humanitarian donors in Sudan, and provides its support through the UN and international agencies resident in Sudan, Simonnet also met representatives of the main humanitarian organisations working in Sudan, with whom he discussed the humanitarian situation in Sudan especially in the region of Darfur and the two areas.


He also met today with a group of Darfuri students, lawyers, and representatives of civil society active in Darfur. During the meeting Simonnet discussed the situation in the states of Darfur and the future prospects for peace and security in the region.

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