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North Darfur drivers call for action against high transit fees

December 11 - 2017 UM KEDDADA
Lorry in El Ferdous, Darfur (Frederic Noy)
Lorry in El Ferdous, Darfur (Frederic Noy)

Passenger and commercial vehicles have complained about the levies imposed on them on the road between El Kuma and Um Keddada in North Darfur.

El Ingaz road connects the two localities. Passing the toll gates, bus and vehicle drivers have to pay transit fees to security or militia forces.

A number of them reported to Radio Dabanga that the total amount of fees is about SDG 500 (75), including SDG 200 ($30) for ‘convoy security’ at Um Keddada locality gate. They have to pay another SDG 50 ($7.50) at Um El Hussein gate and SDG 50 at El Hijla gate, in addition to other gates.

“We have to pay convoy security fees, too, but there are no security forces or convoy,” a bus owner said. “Drivers are threatened in the event of non-payment.”

They have appealed to the authorities to expel the militias and remove the toll gates from the roads.


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