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South Darfur displaced deny harbouring rebels in camps

March 15 - 2017 KALMA CAMP
Aerial view of Kalma camp (File photo)
Aerial view of Kalma camp (File photo)

The administration of camp Kalma for displaced people has denied the government’s accusations that there are militants belonging to the armed movements inside the camp.

Hussein Abusharati, spokesman for the Darfur Displaced and Refugees Association told Radio Dabanga that on Monday the representative of the police of Unamid notified the administration of Kalma camp in Nyala locality, South Darfur that a complaint was filed by the government claiming the existence of leaders of the armed movements inside the camp.

He explained that the camp administration denied the accusations and defied the government to prove the existence of any armed person inside camps.

He accused the government of “targeting the camp so as to find a justification for dismantling it”.

He said the displaced people were not able to confront the government attack on camp Kalma in August 2008 because they were unarmed.

He held the government responsible for targeting the camps and called on the international community to protect the displaced persons.

He conditioned the return of displaced persons to their home villages with security, peace and the disarmament of the militias.

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