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North Darfur displaced blame ‘Abu Tira’ forces for insecurity

April 10 - 2013 FATA BORNO

The population of two North Darfur camps, who previously denounced high rates of herders’ attacks in the region, reinforced their complaints about the worsening security situation. Displaced blame members of the Central Reserve Forces (CRF) for some of the incidents.

Fata Borno displaced in Kutum locality say incidents such as assaults, robberies and looting occur frequently. They recounted having followed footprints after a theft that led to the headquarters of the CRF, also known as Abu Tira.

In March the governor of North Darfur lifted a state of emergency order in the locality. As part of the developments, Abu Tira forces were again responsible for guarding the Fata Borno camp.

Displaced feared these forces would again carry out "abuses and violations" against them, such as "looting, beating and raping”.

A number of local sources told Radio Dabanga on Tuesday that, especially over the past two days, the camp has witnessed a series of violent assaults. The secretary of Fata Borno, Mohamed Yousuf, and his family were attacked inside their house on Sunday.

“They only survived the assault because neighbors intervened”, sources said.

Gunmen also broke in and looted a cell phone shop in Fata Borno belonging to Omar Saleh and in another occasion they stole two cows of local residents.

One week ago, Fata Borno displaced complained about frequent attacks by “herders armed by the government” that were taking place just outside the camp, mainly when residents left the site to collect firewood or fetch hay.

Radio Dabanga file photo: Demonstrations in Kalma camp, South Darfur, against the timing of the Doha donors' conference. The child holds a poster saying "No no for killing", one of the slongans the displaced chanted during protests.


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