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North Darfur: 12 injured in Kutum unrest

April 23 - 2019 KUTUM
File photo
File photo

The governor of North Darfur, Maj Gen Malik Khojali, said 12 people were wounded, including a policeman, and the burning of the offices of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) in Kutum, along with an attack on the home of a former Kutum locality commissioner as a result of the events in Kutum on Sunday afternoon.

Khojali told the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) on Monday? that the details of the incident that a group of residents submitted a memorandum to the commander of the garrison of Kutum demanding some of the demands, but a group of displaced from Kassab camp and areas around the camp after the handing of the memorandum directly broke into the offices of the security apparatus and torched them, in addition to an attack on family members of the former commissioner of Kutum.

Khojali said that army officers confronted them without causing any loss of life.

Well-informed sources in Kutum told Radio Dabanga that three of the wounded in the demonstration in Kutum were transferred to El Fasher Hospital on Monday and from there to Khartoum for surgical operations and that, nine of the wounded are still in bedridden in Kutum hospital.

NISS members opened fire on a peaceful march organised by the Workers' Union and the forces of Freedom and Change into the military garrison on Sunday, wounding 12 people, including children, women and youths, three of them in serious condition.

Live fire

In a statement on Sunday, the Sudanese Doctors' Central Committee announced that members of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) used live fire against demonstrators in Kutum in North Darfur.

The shooting happened during a protest march on Sunday towards the military garrison in Kutum in support of sit-ins which are taking place in Khartoum and ongoing demonstrations outside the Sudanese capital. These demonstrations are calling for transition of power to civilians, following a military coup in which Omar Al Bashir was ousted from his presidency.

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