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Nine escape Kadugli prison

July 26 - 2012 ZALINGEI

Mahi Al din Mahmud Alaissr, who escaped from the Band 14 military prison in Kadugli together with eight other detainees, gave more details about the killings of inmates from the Band 14 prison. He also told Radio Dabanga in a second interview how they managed to flee.

Alaissr revealed that between 200 and 300 people were arrested after the conflict broke out in South Kordofan in 2011 and that 66 of them were killed by the prison's security authorities. He added it was clear detainees were going to be killed when security services would come by the prison late at night to pick them up. Security authorities used the term “taking prisoners to the hospital” when actually meaning executions. Groups of inmates were then moved to an area between Al Safr and Khor Al Afn and were killed in the vicinity. Yaqoub Ismail, assistant officer of the security forces, led the killings.

After witnessing the death of seven people caused by the poor conditions in the Band 14 prison, Alaissr and eight other inmates decided to escape. They decided it would be more honorable to die from bullets trying to escape than to die a slow death at the prison. Alaissr said they managed to escape by removing the ventilation panel in their cell. Preparation for the escape took two weeks and nine men fled:  Alaissr, Abd Al Rahman Fiuk, Ishaq Jamal, Sudani Musa Koko, Ibrahim Johana Al Hariq, Rahma Dawood Abu Rafas, David Charles, Ibrahim Mohamed Ismail Abu Kalam, Dink Paul.

Alaissr told Radio Dabanga the nine men spent their first night out of prison in an area close to Kadugli. The next morning a helicopter fired shells on them and they were separated. A group of five fled to an SPLM controlled area, but only four arrived: Mahi Al din Mahmud Alaissr, Abd Al Rahman Fiuk, Ishaq Jamal and Sudani Musa Koko. Ibrahim Johana Al Hariq remains missing. The other three, Rahma Dawood Abu Rafas, David Charles and Ibrahim Johana Al Hariq were allegedly arrested again by authorities. The fate of Ibrahim Mohamed Ismail Abu Kalam and Dink Paul remain unknown. Alaissr is now in South Kordofan in an SPLM controlled area.

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