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New protests and strikes throughout Sudan

February 23 - 2021 KASSALA / PORT SUDAN / WAD MADANI
Port workers on strike last November in Port Sudan (social media)
Port workers on strike last November in Port Sudan (social media)

The Kassala State Police used teargas to break up up a protest by people with special needs and the Teacher's Committee in front of the Ministry of Education in Kassala. In the Red Sea State, workers of the Maritime Ports Authority organised a protest in front of the port authority’s headquarters in Port Sudan to protest against the low wages and in El Gezira, university employees went on strike to protest the authorities' failure to pay their wages correctly and timely.

People with special needs protested the fact that their schools were not re-opened at the same time as the public schools, which re-opened two months ago. The Teachers' Committee demanded the dismissal of the Director of the Ministry of Education in the state because of the appointment of several employees without agreement from within the ministry’s departments and because of arbitrary transfers of Teachers' Committee employees.

The protesters closed the main road in front of the ministry with burned tires and barricades and the police fired tear gas to disperse the protests. The Sudanese Teachers ’Committee in Kassala condemned the police forces’ use of tear gas in the face of the peaceful protests of people with special needs.

In Port Sudan, workers of the Maritime Ports Authority organised a protest in front of the port authority’s headquarters to protest against low wages. They demand an increase in the daily wage to 5,000 SDG.

During the protest, the leader of the Ports Authority Syndicate, Abboud Sharbini, called on workers to close the port until the fulfilment of their rights. The workers have threatened with a general strike in the coming days if their demands are not met.

They said that they will hand over their memorandum to the state's governor after the Port Authority’s director refused to receive it.

In the state of El Gezira, the Coordination Committee of Professional and Revolutionary Associations at El Gezira University announced a comprehensive strike for workers, technicians, and employees to protest the fact that their salaries were not paid timely. The strike started yesterday and was announced for a period of three days. As part of the strike, the committee organised a protest in front of the College of Agricultural Sciences yesterday morning.

The strike was organised because their salaries for last January and the salary difference for the month of April 2020 were not paid. They also protest the failure to pay salaries in time and to include the salaries of higher education employees within the first chapter in the state budget.

Two days ago, dozens of university lecturers organised a protest in front of the Council of Ministers in Khartoum to denounce the failure to pay their salaries for the month of January, They announced a comprehensive strike until salaries are paid.

The protesters indicated that higher education is on the verge of collapse and that workers cannot perform their duties because January salaries have not been paid yet.


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