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New law to prohibit 'false recruitment' by Sudanese militias

April 1 - 2021 SENNAR
Hemeti at a press conference in Khartoum, last year (Dagalo)
Hemeti at a press conference in Khartoum, last year (Dagalo)

Vice President of the Sovereignty Council, Lt Gen Mohamed Hamdan 'Hemeti' Dagalo, enacted a new law concerning recruitment by armed movements. The law will affect “all those who carry out false recruitment”. Hemeti called for the people “not to fall victim to deception”.

In his speech at the inauguration of the Sheikh Hajou Tajeldin Koran schools complex in Sennar yesterday, Hemeti rejected the widespread recruitment operations from “some parties that impersonate armed movements”.

He further lauded the role of Sufi groups in fostering unity and cohesion for the people of Sudan during the difficult stage the country experiences.

Earlier this month, journalist, writer, and editor El Haj Warrag warned that “the existence of multiple armies is a time bomb that could explode at any moment” and that the lives of people in Darfur are being lost due to the chaos brought by weapons and militias.

“Part of the problem is uncontrolled recruitment among the armed movements that signed the Juba Peace Agreement [on October 3, 2020],” he said.

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