National Umma Party condemns arbitrary detentions by Sudan Military Intelligence

Prison (RD file photo)

The National Umma Party (NUP) condemned the detention of its member Mahmoud Zayed by Military Intelligence in White Nile state on Sunday. Zayed, a lawyer and member of the Democratic Lawyers’ Coalition in North Kordofan, was detained without explanation.

The party criticised the ongoing arbitrary detentions of activists, politicians, and civilians by Military Intelligence across various states, citing severe violations of human rights and freedoms. They hold Military Intelligence accountable for Zayed’s safety and demanded his immediate release, along with other detainees.

NUP cadres and leaders strongly criticised the authorities following the Ed Damazin Criminal Court’s death sentence for their party’s member Ali Eisa under Article 50 of the Sudanese Criminal Code (undermining the constitutional system). The party called the court’s decision a sham and demanded his immediate release.

The party further called for an end to human rights abuses and the immediate release of all political detainees.

Additionally, the family of Ahmed Abusham, a member of the resistance committees in El Gezira, reported that Military Intelligence officers held him on the El Gedaref-Kassala road and took him to an unknown location. The family fears he may face torture and false charges.

Reports indicate a widespread campaign of arrests and illegal detentions without judicial orders in cities across states like Sennar, White Nile, Kassala, and El Gedaref. Conditions in the Port Sudan Prison are also reported to be dire, with overcrowding, disease outbreaks, and severe shortages of food and water.

A source speaking to Radio Dabanga confirmed the poor state of the Port Sudan Prison, emphasising the urgent need for better health care and living conditions.