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National Front: State of Emergency in violation of Sudan Constitution

February 28 - 2019 KHARTOUM
Sudan's President Omar Al Bashir (File photo: SUNA)
Sudan's President Omar Al Bashir (File photo: SUNA)

Legal expert and the head of the National Front, Ali Mahmoud Hasanein, says the imposition of a State of Emergency by President Omar Al Bashir is a clear violation of Article (210) of the Constitution, which requires a risk that threatens the country such as war, invasion, or siege, or natural disaster.

Peaceful demonstrations were guaranteed by the Constitution and did not require the imposition of a State of Emergency.

Hasanein said that Article 211 of the Constitution, in paragraph a, states that the Emergency Law guarantees the right to life, prohibits torture, and guarantees the right to due process and fair trial. It ruled out the use of armed forces to fire under the State of Emergency.

He called on the emergency courts not to condemn the protesters and also called on the judges to distance themselves from emergency courts if they target the demonstrators.

He called on the Sudanese people to challenge the emergency and continue the movement and the revolution until the overthrow of the regime

Democratic Lawyers Alliance

The Democratic Lawyers Alliance called a strike on Tuesday, next to refrain from working in the courts and prosecutors and all the work of law, except to defend the demonstrators.

The coalition said in a statement yesterday that it will be announced in turn on the schedule of strikes lawyers weekly to the stage of a comprehensive strike and civil disobedience.

The statement considered emergency orders and the establishment of courts and tribunals of their own lacked constitutional and legal legitimacy, and a miscarriage of justice.

The response of the Chief Justice and the Attorney-General to the emergency orders was also considered an explicit declaration of continued use of repression as a single tool for dealing with demonstrators

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