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Murder, assault, robbery in Jebel Marra, North Darfur

March 21 - 2016 GOLO / KABKABIYA / TABIT
Government forces pillage a village in Darfur (Brian Steidle/US Holocaust Memorial Museum)
Government forces pillage a village in Darfur (Brian Steidle/US Holocaust Memorial Museum)

On Saturday, government forces beat a 55 year-old villager to death near Golo in Jebel Marra. Three people were injured in an armed robbery in the area of Kabkabiya. A number of livestock were stolen from Tabit in Tawila locality on Sunday.

“Adam Bell was killed in Tirbi village, about 20 kilometres west of Golo,” a listener told Radio Dabanga from the area.

“A group of army troops and militiamen entered the nearly empty village. When they saw Bell, they beat him with batons until he died.”

In the area of Gergowa, west of Kabkabiya in North Darfur, three members of a government militia assaulted two farmers as they made their way to their lands.

“The militiamen subjected the farmers to a severe beating before they robbed them of their belongings,” an activist reported.

“They beat Abakar Abdallah on his face. Haroun Mohamed Saleh sustained serious injuries to hishead,” she said. “Saleh is currently being treated in the Kabkabiya Hospital.”

On Sunday, militiamen stole 19 head of livestock from Tabit “in full view of the armed forces and policemen,” a source told Radio Dabanga.

“At noon, a group of seven militiamen on camels stormed two houses at the El Soug district in Tabit. They seized seven donkeys and 12 sheep at gunpoint, and left.”

He said that “although the police and the commander of the Tabit military garrison were immediately informed about the incident, the militiamen did not have a problem leaving the area with the stolen livestock”.

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