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MP: Sudan must protect farmers near Ethiopian border

July 5 - 2018 EL GEDAREF
Ethiopian soldiers (file photo)
Ethiopian soldiers (file photo)

The independent MP of El Fashaga constituency in El Gedaref, Mubarak El Nur called on the President Al Bashir to immediately intervene to protect farmers in border areas and re-demarcate the border between the Sudanese state of El Gedaref and Ethiopia.

El Nur’s comments following the murder of seven farmers on Monday and the attack on a number of border areas by Ethiopian militiamen.

He told Radio Dabanga that dozens of farmers are killed every year in the autumn by Ethiopian militiamen, as well as a massive agricultural land occupation by Ethiopian farmers.

He called on the government to pay the debts and compensate those affected by the Ethiopian attacks.

El Nur launched a harsh attack on the federal and state governments for neglecting the border with Ethiopia and not protecting the farmers and citizens.

He called on the government to pay the debts and compensate those affected by the Ethiopian attacks.

Border incidents

On Wednesday in Khartoum, Ethiopian Foreign Minister Dr Workneh Gebeyehu told President Omar Al Bashir that Addis Ababa is determined to get over the events of the two countries’ borders, which led to the killing of Sudanese civilians by Ethiopian militiamen.

Sudan Foreign Minister El Dirdeiri Mohamed Ahmed said after the meeting with the Ethiopian minister at the Guest House in Khartoum that the events that took place in the border between the two countries are natural occurring during the rainy season each year.

He said that Al Bashir stressed the determination of Sudan to overcome them and work to address them through coordination and cooperation so as not to affect the level of relations between the two countries.

The Ethiopian Foreign Minister said in a press statement, “The two countries will bring this distinguished relationship to its ends and will work in cooperation and coordination to address all the problems that occur in the border areas.

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