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Minni Minawi to be inaugurated today as Governor of Darfur

August 10 - 2021 EL FASHER
Minni Minawi, leader of a faction of the Sudan Liberation Movement, will be innagurated as the Governor of the Darfur region of Sudan today (SUNA)
Minni Minawi, leader of a faction of the Sudan Liberation Movement, will be innagurated as the Governor of the Darfur region of Sudan today (SUNA)

Arrangements have been completed for the inauguration ceremony today of Minni Minawi, leader of a faction of the Sudan Liberation Movement, as the Governor of the Darfur region of Sudan. The ceremony in the North Darfur capital of El Fasher today will be in the presence of the heads of the Sovereignty Council and Ministers, and regional presence from South Sudan and Chad.

Minawi said in a press conference yesterday, that seven flights are about to move from Khartoum to El Fasher to participate in the ceremony. He explained that the list of participants includes various segments of society, and includes notables and Sufi orders, the civil administration, journalists, writers, creators, and others. He described the inauguration ceremony as a great event. He noted the arrival of delegations from various sectors and segments to El Fasher since Sunday.

Minawi announced the participation of a delegation from South Sudan headed by Adviser to the President of South Sudan, Tut Galuak, in addition to an official and popular Chadian delegation consisting of two planes. He pointed to the wide participation of the various states of Darfur, especially the camps for the displaced.

Minawi said that the ceremony will witness the announcement of a number of projects that will be adopted by the Council of Ministers and the Sovereign, companies, and organisations

He explained that the mission of the Darfur Regional Government is vested in reconciliation, the return of the displaced and refugees, development issues, the provision of services, and communication with the international and local community.

He pointed out that the role of the regional government is to bring money from charitable funds and bring investors to the region and link investment to services with the return of displaced people and refugees and projects to stop immigration. He noted the encouragement of the private sector and interest in agriculture and animal production.

He thanked the Sudanese businessmen for their generous donations in favour of Darfur, explaining that the money will go to Darfur through the channels chosen by the decision-making departments.


On April 29, Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok issued a decree appointing Minni Minawi, leader of a breakaway faction of the Sudan Liberation Movement, as governor of the Darfur region.

Hamdok explained that the decision came in response to the requirements of the Juba Peace Agreement, signed in the South Sudanese capital on October 3 last year, and in accordance with the provisions of the 2019 Constitutional Document. He said that he directed the relevant ministries and authorities to implement the decision.

Minawi reacted by saying that he considers the decision a serious step towards the implementation of the peace agreement. He thanked all those who made efforts to implement the agreement, in particular the members of the Sovereignty Council and the Prime Minister, and said he was looking forward to successful joint cooperation.

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