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Minawi elected to replace Ibrahim as head of Sudan’s Revolutionary Front

October 15 - 2017 PARIS
Delegates at the SLM General Conference in Paris (RD Correspondent)
Delegates at the SLM General Conference in Paris (RD Correspondent)

On Friday the leadership council of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front unanimously elected the leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) Arko Minni Minawi as a head for the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF). He replaces Dr Jibril Ibrahim, head of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM).

The election was held during the general conference of the SRF in Paris that concluded yesterday. In his acceptance speech, Minawi called on the SRF elements to do more to make the SRF programmes success.

He said that the absence of opposition activity has allowed the National Congress Part to pursue its policies and tarnish the Sudanese public opinion.

The conference discussed the reasons that have hindered the SRF movement and delayed its programme for change and suggest solutions. The SRF split in October 2015 into two factions; one headed by Gibril Ibrahim and a second by Malik Agar after a difference over the chairmanship.

‘Radical change by all legitimate means’

According to a statement at the conclusion of the Paris conference, the meeting underscored that a unified democratic Sudan has no future under the current regime. It calls on the opposition “to bear its responsibility in leading the radical change by all legitimate means”.

It stressed the need for the unity of the opposition to achieve the desired negotiated comprehensive peaceful and just solution to achieve sustainable peace.

It added that the rebel alliance alongside the other opposition groups would seek to create an effective national balance of power to achieve the goals in a new political environment.

The meeting reiterated the rejection by the SRF of the government disarmament campaign, saying peace and consensus must be achieved prior to collecting the arms.

The meeting highlighted that the downsizing of Unamid would adversely impact the peace process and security of the civilian population in the region. They appealed for the Mission to be strengthened; that it restructure its forces to include blue helmets from Europe and America.

Travel restictions

The Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) on Tuesday prevented Dr Maryam El Sadig El Mahdi, the Co-President of the National Umma Party (NUP) from traveling from Khartoum to attend the Revolutionary Front conference in Paris.

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