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Militiamen killed in battle with SRF

October 18 - 2012 ABU DELEK / ABU ZEREIGA

The Darfur rebel coalition, Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF), announced killing dozens of pro-government militiamen on Wednesday in the area of Abu Delek southeast of El-Fasher. The rebels have claimed control of the area.

Mustafa Tambour, military spokesman of SLM-Abd al-Wahid al-Nur, told Radio Dabanga that SRF troops, consisting of SPLM-MM, SPLM-AN, Karbino and JEM, attacked pro-government militias in the area of Abu Delek, southeast of El-Fasher at approximately 8:00 Wednesday morning.

Tambour added that 63 government troops were killed and dozens injured during the battle. He explained that among the victims is militia commander Lieutenant Saif al-Din Mohamed Adam. In addition, SRF troops seized 19 Land Cruiser vehicles and destroyed eight other vehicles, as well as seizing several light and heavy machine guns and ammunition, he added to Radio Dabanga.

According to Tambour, one SRF soldier was killed and three others were injured. He pointed out that SRF troops are in full control of the area of Abu Delek, which was serving as a base for pro-government militias. The spokesman added that SRF's attack on the region was aimed at ending the violations and abuses -- such as killing, raping and looting and displacement of people in the region -- carried out by pro-government militants, he told Radio Dabanga from the field.

Abu Zereiga airstrikes

Residents from south of Abu Zereiga, Mashrou' Sag al-Ne'am and east Dar al-Salaam, told Radio Dabanga they were exposed to heavy airstrikes from 7:00 Wednesday morning until 2:00 in the afternoon.

In addition, the residents said that the villages of Mashrou' and Sabi, East Jebel Marra, were exposed to an airstrike carried out by a Sukhoi fighter jet at two in the afternoon. The airstrike sparked fires in the surrounding areas and poison is feared to have spread among residents.

The residents added that they have no reports of casualties so far.

Radio Dabanga was not able to reach the Sudanese army for comments.

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