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Militiamen clash with army, police in Darfur

June 15 - 2016 ZALINGEI / NYALA
File photo
File photo

Residents of Zalingei in Central Darfur fled to their homes in terror on Monday, as members of a pro-government militia clashed and exchanged random fire with a force of the police and government troops.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that the exchange of fire happened on Monday when police arrested Sagairoun Gabbani, a pro-government militia member accused of stealing a number of vehicles.

The witnesses added that a number of militia members using six vehicles gathered around a popular square in Zalingei and exchanged fire with the police in order to release him.

The witnesses said the army intervened in confronting them, supported the police in the area and prevented his release from the police, which led to firing of live ammunition downtown.

The clash led to the suspension of all government facilities and completely paralysed work until the morning.


On Monday night, Nyala in South Darfur saw an exchange of fire and chases by a force from the army, security and police and a paramilitary group who hijacked the vehicle of the deputy secretary of the secretariat of the youth of the National Congress Party in the state from in front of his house at El Wehda district in Nyala.

Witnesses said the regular armed forces managed to recover the vehicle and forced the gunmen to flee. They said the fire exchange sparked panic among the residents of the western districts of Nyala.

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