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Militiamen attack Jebel Marra markets

February 17 - 2016 EAST JEBEL MARRA
Militiaman in Darfur (file photo)
Militiaman in Darfur (file photo)

Militiamen attacked and killed merchant Abdullah Siddig and injured three others at the market of Feina in East Jebel Marra on Saturday.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that the militia members opened fire on people in the market, causing panic. They then stole money and goods from all the shops. Nine children escaped from the area and arrived by cart at Mershing on Sunday.

In a separate incident, armed militiamen wounded three people in an attack on a youth club in Siro camp for the displaced on Monday night. The witness explained that one of the victims was transferred with serious injuries to Nyala Hospital.

After the attack, the militiamen went to the camp market, threatening people and robbing them of their mobile phones and money.

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