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Militiamen assault Central Darfur prayers

December 23 - 2016 DUBBO EL OMDA / FANGA
A small mosque in Darfur (file photo)
A small mosque in Darfur (file photo)

An assault in a mosque in in East Jebel Marra today resulted in the wounding of several worshipers and the abduction of a man. The attackers reportedly accused them of talking about demonstrations in Sudan.

Members of a paramilitary group, reportedly Rapid Support Forces, arrived in Dubbo El Omda in three vehicles, a witness told Radio Dabanga. They surrounded the Falluja mosque during Friday prayers and beat the prayers with rifle butts.

“The attackers accused them of talking about the civil disobedience actions. Then they abducted Abdelrazek Ibrahim Harun and turned their vehicles towards Malam.”

Road robbery

In another incident, gunmen robbed passengers in a commercial vehicle on its way from Fanga to El Fasher in North Darfur on Friday. A listener told Radio Dabanga that five armed shepherds on camels stopped the vehicle at gunpoint, near El Aradeb El Ashara area.

They forced the passengers out and beat them with rifle butts. SDG700 was stolen in cash, as well as mobile phones and sacks of sugar and food.

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