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Massive demonstrations all across Sudan, 10 protesters killed

July 1 - 2019 KHARTOUM / SUDAN
Demonstrators crossing the bridge to Khartoum on the June 30 March of Millions
Demonstrators crossing the bridge to Khartoum on the June 30 March of Millions

Hundreds of thousands of Sudanese took to the streets in Khartoum and many other cities, in response to the call of the Alliance for Freedom and Change to demonstrate in millions. According to journalists and observers, the number of demonstrators exceeded the number of protesters on the demonstration at April 6, that led to the ousting of president Omar Al Bashir.

In total ten people were killed and many were injured, sources within Sudan told Radio Dabanga. The Ministry of Health announced Sunday evening that eight people had been killed. The deputy chairman of the ruling Transitional Military Council (TMC), Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan, better known as Hemeti, claimed on Sunday that “more than eight people have been injured, among them three members of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF)”. He claimed “snipers and infiltrators” were to blame.

Journalists and witnesses said that hundreds of vehicles of the RSF, Sudan's main militia, and other security forces were seen in the capital Khartoum and in other cities on bridges and on the main roads. The police, security troops, and RSF militiamen fired tear gas during the demonstrations at a high intensity, causing injuries in various towns.

The Sudanese Doctors Central Committee is publishing lists of the people injured in various cities in the country, listing the sex, age, and kind of wounds.

Witnesses observed snipers with full equipment and dressed in official uniforms on the roof of the Palace of Youth and Children in Omdurman.


In Khartoum, the authorities closed the old White Nile Bridge between Omdurman and Khartoum during the demonstrations on Sunday, but the crowd managed to reach the bridge and get to Khartoum amid dense firing of bullets.

RSF militiamen were massively deployed in front of the Presidential Palace in Khartoum to prevent the demonstrators to reach it. The Sudanese Professionals Association directed the protestors towards the palace, in order to demand the punishment of those who killed protesters since the beginning of the uprising in December last year, and a handover of power to a civilian government.


The Sudanese Professionals Association in Kassala condemned on Sunday that the armed forces and police used light arms and anti-aircraft (Dushka) against tens of thousands peaceful demonstrators in Kassala.

Red Sea, El Gedaref and Kassala witnessed “the largest demonstrations ever seen”, journalist Amin Sinada told Radio Dabanga.

He added: "The protesters marched to the centre of the city, gathered in front of the Workers' Bank and dispersed without any confrontation with the security forces.”

In El Gedaref town, one demonstrator was killed and about ten others were wounded by bullets and tear gas canisters from the security forces. Other towns in El Gedaref state also witnessed large protests.


The security forces in El Gedaref responded to the June 30 March of Millions by detaining doctor El Hadi Bakheet of the Sudanese Professionals Association, Ahmed Ibrahim, head of the teachers committee, and Nasreldin Ibrahim, Abdelwahab Ibrahim, and El Awad El Tahir on Saturday.

The security forces also attempted to detain Jaafar Khidir, Nour Dayem Khidir, Wajdi Khalifa and Mustafa El Sayed, but were unable to do so.

The El Gedaref doctors announced a strike in the hospital, even at the emergency department, to protest against the arrest of doctor Bakheet. They claimed the strike will last until he is released.


In Atbara in Nile River state, a 20 year old demonstrator was killed and others were injured by live bullets and tear gas, sound bombs and violence against the June 30 ‘March of Millions’.

El Obeid

A huge number of people joined the demonstrations in El Obeid, El Rahad, Bara, El Fula, El Nahud, Kadugli and El Delling in the three Kordofan states. The greater Kordofan region has not seen such a large number of demonstrators before as Sunday’s March of Millions.

The security forces confronted some of the rallies with excessive violence using live ammunition and tear gas. Three demonstrators were shot by members of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in El Obeid, capital of North Kordofan.

Five demonstrators were arrested in El Rahad and two others in Bara in North Kordofan.


El Fasher, El Geneina, Zalingei and El Daein in Darfur witnessed mass demonstrations. The protesters chanted for the fall of the military junta and a handover of power to civilians.


In Sennar, various towns, headed by Singa and Sennar, witnessed mass demonstrations that the state has not witnessed before.

Kosti and Rabak in White Nile State witnessed mass protests as well.

In Rabak, the security forces closed all major roads and kept the demonstrations within the districts.

Wad Madani

Wad Madani, El Hasaheisa and Rufaa, and several villages in El Gezira witnessed unprecedented street protests as well.

Several towns in River Nile and Northern states also witnessed mass rallies in Dongola, Karma, Karima, Berber and others.



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