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Market raided after militiamen clash in Central Darfur capital

March 7 - 2017 ZALINGEI
Militiamen on the move through Adwah, 2004 (HRW)
Militiamen on the move through Adwah, 2004 (HRW)

Several militiamen raided Mirein market in the Central Darfur capital of Zalingei on Monday, following a clash between armed groups over a pay dispute. A joint security force had to intervene.

15 militiamen were wounded in a firefight between members of armed groups led by Hamid Ali, which concerned the groups' monthly salaries. Several witnesses told Radio Dabanga that dissidents of one of the groups demanded salaries, which their ex-leader refused. The men exchanged fire before a joint force of army, police and security intervened.

The clash created panic among locals, the coordinator of Central Darfur camps, El Shafie Abdallah recounted from Hamidiya. “Hamid Ali's forces arrived in Zalingei from Waranga, east of Zalingei on Friday.”

The coordinator reported that when the dissidents became aware of the non-payment of their salaries, they closed the bridge to Zalingei, “started robbing pedestrians and car drivers, and raided the nearby Mirein market”.

A joint force managed to drive the bandits out of the city at around 12pm. Two civilians and four government troops sustained injuries, El Shafie said, and were taken to the hospital in the town.

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