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Lorry driver 'severely beaten' by Sudan army officer

March 24 - 2021 KURMUK / EL OBEID
A lorry in Sudan (file photo)
A lorry in Sudan (file photo)

The National Network for Social Justice allege that lorry driver Mohamed Ibrahim was severely beaten and threatened with death by a lieutenant colonel in Kurmuk, Blue Nile state.

According to Ibrahim, he was attacked because he belongs to one of the eastern tribes. With great difficulty, he has started legal procedures against the officer.

The National Network for Social Justice considers this case to be racial discrimination. It called for the speedy lifting of the officer's immunity in preparation for a trial against him.

Death threats

The Central Committee for Medical Laboratories in North Kordofan announced that the Director of the General Administration of Laboratories and Blood Banks in the state has received anonymous death threats because of the committee’s strike.

A laboratory specialist received the threat that his private laboratory will be burned down. The threats have affected several health centres in the state.

The committee has started legal procedures. It affirmed that it would continue the strike until its professional, administrative and financial demands are met.


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