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Long queues at Sudan’s bakeries, fuel stations

December 22 - 2017 SUDAN

The severe bread and fuel crisis is still being reported from various states in Sudan.

On Thursday dozens of people demonstrated in front of El Bouga police station in the River Nile state in protest against the lack of fuel and bread.

Protesters from El Bouga told Radio Dabanga that the price of a loaf of bread has risen to SDG 1 as a result of the shortage.

They said they gathered in large numbers in front of the police station to demand bread and fuel.


The residents of Kassala have complained of an acute bread crisis and the unprecedented rise in the price of basic and imported goods.

They told Radio Dabanga that there are long queues in front of the bakeries for hours without getting the required quantities of bread.

Ibrahim Mohamed Nur attributed the crisis to the reduction in the flour quotas provided to the bakeries by the economic security.

He pointed to the unprecedented rise in prices of imported goods.


On Thursday, long queues of vehicles formed at fuel stations in Khartoum or the third day in a row.

The main transport stations also have witnessed overcrowding of residents waiting for vehicles to return to their homes.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the main stations of El Shuhada in Omdurman, the central station in Khartoum North (Bahri), the stadium and Jackson in Khartoum were crowded with hundreds of people after the vehicles stopped because of lack of fuel.

A government source confirmed delays in shipments of fuel through Port Sudan.

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