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LMJ-Karbino claims control of East Darfur military garrison

October 13 - 2013 UM SA'OUNA

The Sudanese Liberation Movement for Justice (LMJ-Karbino) claim to have killed 19 members of the Sudanese Armed Forces and pro-government militias, injured others, and captured two, in the area of Um Sa’ouna, north of Ed Daein, capital of East Darfur.

The Spokesperson for the LMJ, Mohamed Ahmed Yagoub, reported to Radio Dabanga that SLMJ forces led by its Commander Karbino attacked the military garrison of Um Sa’ouna on Sunday. The ensuing battle lasted from 4.15pm until 5.15pm.

Yagoub stated that 19 army and militia troops were killed and others injured. Two troops were captured.  The LMJ seized 13 Land Cruisers loaded with various weapons, ammunition, and food supplies.

According to the spokesman, the LMJ-Karbino "now completely controls the military garrison of Um Sa’ouna. The remaining government forces and militias have fled."

File photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran/Unamid

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