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Live fire used during demonstrations in Khartoum North

January 14 - 2019 KHARTOUM
Demonstrators in Khartoum (file photo)
Demonstrators in Khartoum (file photo)

The security services used live ammunition, tear gas, and batons to disperse demonstrators in Khartoum North yesterday, along with detention of several taking part in protests.

In response to the call of the Sudanese Professionals Association and allied opposition forces, thousands demonstrated in Khartoum North on Sunday as Sudan entered its fourth week of unrest. Five separate marches, described as “massive” and “well organised”, took place along the main streets in the northern part of the capital, according to eyewitnesses.

As people gathered at Bahri central bus station in Khartoum North, security forces began firing tear gas at the crowd. Smaller demonstrations inside the districts where the security forces fired live bullets and tear gas at the demonstrators inside the residential districts and homes.

[map khartoum north]
Map of Khartoum North

In Khartoum North’s districts Shambat, El Shaabiya, Hillet Hamad, El Haj Yousif, El Managla, and Khartoum Bahri, security forces ordered shop owners to close their shops and stopped traffic.

Witnesses said hundreds of security and police vehicles, as well as vehicles, roamed the area and were stationed on the main streets. Demonstrations lasted for many hours, moving to and fro between areas. Security forces fired bullets in some areas, shot tear gas, and detained demonstrators. The amount of demonstrators detained to this day is unclear.

In addition, the security services launched a random arrest campaign in Khartoum North before and after the demonstration. Those detained include journalist Mohamed Abdelmajid. Other journalists covering the protests, among them Mohamed Salman, Yousef El Jalal and Aisha El Samani, were severely beaten with electric wires, batons, and whips.

Witnesses and journalists also reported to Radio Dabanga that there were young people belonging to the Popular Security Apparatus in civilian clothes carrying pistols. The Popular Security Apparatus is the clandestine arm of the security apparatus in Sudan. Popular security personnel normally work among civilians and in ordinary posts, at the same time belonging to the security services.

Witnesses in Bahri also reported that security agents raided a house at El Mazad North where the owner of the house was beaten and over 20 young men and women were detained.

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