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Lecturer and son beaten by NCP students in Sudan's capital

December 11 - 2015 KHARTOUM
Militant students of the ruling National Congress Party in Khartoum (RD)
Militant students of the ruling National Congress Party in Khartoum (RD)

A lecturer and his son were severly beaten by 15 National Congress Party (NCP) students in front of the Sudan University gate in Khartoum on Tuesday.

Lecturer and member of the Rights and Basic Freedoms Committee of the National Dialogue, Dr Ammar El Saggad, said that the students also damaged his vehicle.

He told Radio Dabanga that he and his son were attacked when they paid a visit to the University of Sudan in Khartoum. He came for the purpose of discussing about his son being subjected to torture by NCP students in the university's NCP students' discussion cormer. He explained that he sought help from the the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and the university guards who could not protect him and his son.

El Saggad said that an assassination attempt was carried out on his son by a masked man, carrying a knife. His son managed to seize the knife whereupon the attacker fled. The father demanded the closure of "all Jihadist discussion corners" at the universities "where students with different opinions are subjected to beating, abductions, threats, and questionings".


Last week Radio Dabanga reported about two students who were abducted or beaten in Sudanese universities. The previous months witnessed clashes between protesting students and militant student members of the ruling NCP at the Imam El Mahdi University in central Sudan's El Gezira Aba. The University of Khartoum in Khartoum and the University of the Holy Koran in Omdurman witnessed several clashes between Darfuri students and security forces backed by student supporters of Sudan's ruling party.

Most of the fights erupted during sit-ins and speeches of Darfuri studens demanding the exemption of tuition fees as stipulated in the 2011 Doha document for Peace in Darfur. Dozens of students were detained by security agents.


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