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Lawyers: ‘Up to 800 Darfur activists, rebel fighters still detained’

April 18 - 2019 DARFUR
Prison cell in Sudan (File photo)
Prison cell in Sudan (File photo)

The head of the Darfur Bar Association, Mohamed Abdallah El Doma, said that between 400 and 800 Darfuri activists and rebel fighters captured during battles are still in prisons. A number of them have died in detention because of torture. Some prisoners were also subjected to amputations.

El Doma confirmed at a press conference in Khartoum on Wednesday that the detainees are those sentenced in political cases and prisoners of war. He stressed that no one was allowed to visit them since they were captured; not their parents, lawyers, or local organisations.

He said that the prisoners are living in very difficult health and humanitarian conditions. They are hungry and diseases are spreading among them. El Doma expressed surprise that the prisoners of Darfur have not been released after the revolution and the overthrow of the regime, despite the fact that these prisoners came out and fought to uproot and overthrow the regime, which was the target for the rebels.

‘Racist and reprisal’

El Doma said that the killings and arrests of the people of Darfur were racist and reprisal. “The people of Darfur were the first to revolt against the former regime, who brought the case to the International Criminal Court. He called on all the Sudanese people and the people of Darfur in particular to take their part in order to liberate the detainees and prisoners from the people of Darfur today before tomorrow.”

Mohamed Eisa Aliou, head of the Darfur Tribune, called for the immediate release of all the detainees and prisoners from the people of Darfur, explaining that there is no reason for them to remain in prisons after the revolution. He said that all the policies and decisions taken against the people of Darfur in the era of the former regime were racist And retaliation. He demanded that Darfur's interim governors be Darfuris.

SPLM-N ceasefire

The head of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North faction in South Kordofan, Abdelaziz El Hilu on Wednesday, announced the cessation of hostilities for three months from 17 April 2019, until 31 July 2019 in all areas of control of the movement. He said in a statement that the resolution comes as a gesture of goodwill towards the solution And to give an opportunity for the immediate and smooth delivery of power to civilians. All SPLM-N El Hilu forces and units were ordered to abide by and respect this Declaration and to cease any hostilities except in self-defence.

ACJPS Prisoner of War list:

The African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies released the following list this week of 157 of the up to 800 Prisoners of War still known to be detained in Darfur:

1. Ali Umar Musa, 2. Muhammad Uthman Bakhit, 3. Umar Shakkur Abkar, 4. Amir Abdullah Adam, 5. Muhammad Hari Jiddu Adam, 6. Abdulkarim Abdullah, 7. Yunus Hasan Isa, 8. Al-Tayyib Muhammad Isma‘il, 9. Adam Salih Adam, 10. Muhammad Abdullah Ibrahim, 11. Muhammad Salih Bakhit, 12. Hamid Dawud Muhammad, 13. Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad, 14. Ahmad Abdulkarim Muhammad, 15. Abdulsalam Muhammad Sadiq, 16. Ibrahim Abdullah al-Tum, 17. Yusuf Ya‘qub Abdullah, 18. Jum‘ah Sulayman Muhammad Shuqar, 19. Nur al-Din Muhammad Ahmad Isa, 20. Hari Isma‘il Namir, 21. Hamid Muhammad Salih, 22. Hasan Ahmad Muhammad, 23. Harun Uthman Sam, 24. Umar Husayn Ahmad, 25. Isma‘il Ishaq Ahmad, 26. Abdullah Uthman Ishaq, 27. Adam Ya‘qub Isma‘il, 28. Umar Adam Muhammad, 29. Abdulqadir Abdullah Abdulraziq Umar, 30. Ahmad Sadiq Imam, 31. Mukhtar Yusuf Khamis, 32. Jum‘ah Kafi Muqdam, 33. Ba Bakr Musa Muhammad Dalij, 34. Ahmad Mahmud Mustafa Ahmad, 35. Isma‘il Ya‘qub Ishaq, 36. Tariq Adam Jaw Idris, 37. Al-Daw al-Radi Adam Sabil, 38. Al-Nur Ba Bakr Muhammad Hamid, 39. Sadiq Ahmad Adam Muhammad, 40. Hasan Abdullah Adam, 41. Nadir Hasan Fadl Tagallah, 42. Ba Bakr Kafi Jarad Abdu, 43. Muhammad Yahya Bakhit, 44. Binyamin Butrus Tutu, 45. Najib Adam Muhammad Abkar, 46. Fadl Husayn Abdullah al-Tum, 47. Umar Adam Musa, 48. Muhammad Abdullah Muhammad Abdulrahman, 49. Ibrahim Hasan Hamid Abdulrahman, 50. Mukhtar Hasan Hamid Mahmud, 51. Al-Mardi Ibrahim Sharif, 52. Muhammad Sulayman Adam Muhammad, 53. Sulayman Mustafa Ibrahim, 54. Sadiq Muhammad Ahmad Khamis, 55. Adam Abkar Muhammad Ahmad, 56. Abdulrahim Ahmad Jum‘ah, 57. Mahjub Sulayman Sharif, 58. Adam Jum‘ah Isa al-Tayyib, 59. Musa Abdullah Uthman, 60. Adam Yahya Ahmad, 61. Teh Ya‘qub Teh Shallal, 62. Abu Bakr Ahmad Abdullah Abdulqawi, 63. Jum‘ah Isa, 64. Abu Bakr Ishaq Abakar Abdulkarim, 65. Ali Hamid Ali, 66. Abduljabbar Adam Isa Dawud, 67. Mubarak Adam Ibrahim, 68. Al-Sadiq Ishaq Abdulrahim, 69. Ya‘qub Adam Muhammad Jabir, 70. Mu‘tazz Ahmad Abakar, 71. Ishaq Abdul‘aziz Muhammad Sulayman, 72. Adam Harun Abdullah Ahmad, 73. Abdulsalam Abdullah Adam Mahmud, 74. Ibrahim Yahya Dawud, 75. Ahmad Muhammad Umar Mahdi, 76. Ya‘qub Dalil Hasan Ali, 77. Mubarak Idris Khatir Ishaq, 78. Shams al-Din Adam Ibrahim, 79. Ya‘qub Muhammad Husayn Daldum, 80. Muhammad Abdullah Ibrahim, 81. Muhammad Yahya Fitr, 82. Muhammad Ishaq Abdullah Adam, 83. Muhammad Husayn Mustafa Bakhit, 84. Sabun Yahya Jibril Abdulkarim, 85. Ahmad al-Hajj Muhammad Sulayman, 86. Arabi Mahmud Arabi Adam, 87. Muhammad Ibrahim Adam, 88. Salih Abdullah Harun Muhammad, 89. Al-Sadiq Abdulrahman Abdullah, 90. Al-Fadil Muhammad Adam Sulayman, 91. Musa Abdullah Salih Umar, 92. Abdullah Adam Bakhit, 93. Abdullah Muhammad Musa Muhammad, 94. Mubarak Jum‘ah Umar Sharaf al-Din, 95. Uthman Ahmad Abdullah Umar, 96. Husayn Muhammad Hamid Muhyi al-Din, 97. Samawi Isa al-Ahmar Koko, 98. Abdullah Ahmad Khatir, 99. Muhammad Hari Jiddu, 100. Amir Abdullah Adam, 101. Abdulkarim Abdullah, 102. Yasin Hasan Arabi, 103. Al-Tayyib Muhammad Isma‘il, 104. Adam Salih Adam Abdullah, 105. Muhammad Abdullah Ibrahim, 106. Muhammad Salih Bakhit, 107. Hamid Dawud Muhammad, 108. Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad, 109. Ahmad Abdulkarim Muhammad, 110. Al-Hajj Ahmad Muhyi al-Din Muhammad, 111. Yom Dal, 112. Ali Abkar Ya‘qub, 113. Salih Husayn Ahmad Ya‘qub, 114. Muhammad Ali Mahdi, 115. Mu‘tazz Ibrahim Adam Isa, 116. Jamal Yusuf Ishaq Isa, 117. Ishaq Abdullah Ba Bakr, 118. Isa Muhammad Ahmad al-Hajj, 119. Mukhtar Adam Arbab, 120. Bahr al-Din Ahmad Adam Musa, 121. Isa Koko Salatin Isma‘il, 122. Umar Kawa Mojo Jihadiyah, 123. Muhammad Ali Adam Khamis Jum‘ah, 124. Abdul‘azim Ahmad Muhammad Shattah, 125. Adam al-Tum Abdulrahman, 126. Abdu Adam Ishaq Wadi, 127. Abdulmajid Ahmad Adam Abdulmajid, 128. Adam Musi Ali Ishaq, 129. Muzzammil Abdulkarim Ibrahim, 130. Abkar Dawud Ishaq Husayn, 131. Abdulrahman Ahmad Ibrahim, 132. Kamal Yahya Umar Adam, 133. Ba Bakr Harun Abdulmawla, 134. Husayn Adam Abdullah Isma‘il, 135. Hamid Adam Arbab Musa, 137. Umar Husayn Muhammad Sharaf al-Din, 138. Abdullah Issa, 139. Abdulsalam Muhammad Sadiq, 140. Umar Adam Musa, 141. Muhammad Abdulmawla Muhammad Abdulrahman, 143. Nur al-Din Sharaf Ali Dirah, 144. Mubarak Ba Bakr Ya‘qub Muhammad, 145. Adam Jibril Muhammad Abdulwali, 147. Tijani, 147. Al-Sadiq Musa Muhammad, 149. Ahmad Adam Abdullah Ahmad, 149. Isa Ishaq Abdullah Sharif, 150. Musa Muhammad Dawud Uthman, 151. Ashraf Yasin Ahmad Mustafa, 152. Umar Muhammad Hasan Ahmad, 153. Mustafa Ibrahim Khamis Tarbush, 154. Sayf Adam Ali Ishaq, 155. Ya‘qub Khatir Muhammad Dahiyah, 156. Ahmad Husayn Mustafa, 157. Jamal al-Din Adam Abdulshafi‘

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