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Kutum livestock raids continue

June 7 - 2017 EIN SIRO
RSF troops (File photo)
RSF troops (File photo)

Reports continue to reach Radio Dabanga of raids by militiamen to steal cattle and livestock in Ein Siro area in North Darfur’s Kutum locality, which has seen repeated raids by members of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), riding motorcycles and camels over the past weeks.

On Monday residents told Radio Dabanga that militants stole dozens of livestock from Deleibat area.

They said a committee has been formed from the native administrations to make an inventory of the stolen livestock since the start of the incidents of Ein Siro in May. They said the committee lists 400 stolen camels and more than 2,500 sheep and goats.


The population is gripped by panic, as reports of robberies increase. Witnesses say people are robbed as they move on their own in the markets and roads.

The commander of Kutum Garrison in North Darfur, Brigadier El Sadig El Mahdi Abdelrahman, acknowledged that the Ein Siro area and the surrounding villages were exposed to burning and theft by what he called outlaws whom he said “have come from all directions, especially Kutum and Kabkabiya”.

In a meeting with the native administration a week ago, he said that he is aware of what has happened and vowed to send the joint force to stop the acts and return the stolen items to their owners.

The MP of Kutum Fata Borno constituency El Tayeb Ahmed Ibrahim, said that a joint force moved Wednesday from Kutum and stationed in three areas of Takjo, Fono and inside Ein Siro village.

The Omda of Ein Siro Abdallah Ishag said that those forces did not intervene to stop the attacks and acts of theft and robbery.

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