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Killings, robberies, hijacks in Darfur

Militiamen in Darfur (file photo)
Militiamen in Darfur (file photo)

A resident of Nyala, capital of South Darfur, was fatally hit by bullets in a clash between militiamen and patrolling security forces on Thursday. In separate incidents, two vehicles, one belonging to Unamid and the other to the University of Sudan were stolen. The population of North Darfur’s capital of El Fasher fears that the growing insecurity may lead to a situation similar to Nyala. In West Darfur, a man was killed in an armed robbery.

A listener reported to Radio Dabanga from Nyala that a civilian was killed by stray bullets in a fire fight that broke out when a patrol of security forces intervened in an armed robbery in the city’s El Wihda district.


The spokesman for the South Darfur government, Abdelmuntalab Ali, told the press on Friday that three militiamen intercepted a Unamid vehicle in Nyala at gunpoint. They ordered the passengers to disembark, and took the vehicle and its driver to an unknown destination.

In the second incident, gunmen entered the garage of the University of Sudan, tied the guard, and fled with one of the cars parked at the garage.

A relative of Eisa Abdelrahman, the driver of the Unamid vehicle, told Radio Dabanga that the robbers released him on Friday. The hijacked car has not been found so far.

Havoc in El Fasher

Following the rapid increase of armed robberies and hijacks in the North Darfur capital, residents fear that the situation may lead to the Nyala scenario.  

A shop owner told Radio Dabanga that large groups of militiamen are wreaking havoc in the town, in particular in the suburbs.

“Many of us now close our shops at 5pm for fear of attacks and robberies. The restaurant owners complain that those Janjaweed and other militiamen eat and drink at their places without paying. If they are asked to pay, they raise their weapons,” he explained.

“On behalf of the population of El Fasher”, he demanded the North Darfur authorities to “put an end to the chaos created by the gunmen”.

West Darfur

Mohamad Abdallah Eisa was shot dead in the area of Tunde, east of Foro Baranga, on Thursday.

One of his relatives reported to Radio Dabanga that government-backed militiamen in six vehicles opened fire on Eisa while he was on his way home on a motorcycle.

“He died instantly, after which they took his motorcycle and his other belongings, and fled.”  

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