Khartoum resistance committees continue protests against Sudan 2021 coup

On Sunday, resistance committees in Khartoum organised demonstrations as part of the October protest escalation schedule marking the first ‘anniversary’ of the October 25 coup, calling for comprehensive civilian rule.

Protests against coup sweep Khartoum on September 17 (social media)

On Sunday, resistance committees in Khartoum organised demonstrations as part of the October protest escalation schedule marking the first ‘anniversary’ of the October 25 coup, calling for comprehensive civilian rule.

The authorities used excessive violence on demonstrators in Khartoum North and Omdurman. Large demonstrations also took place in the El Kalaklat and Abu Adam neighbourhoods in Khartoum on Sunday afternoon.

On October 6, activists reported to Radio Dabanga that a number of protesters were injured in the Khartoum marches as a result of the use of excessive violence and tear gas used by security forces. They also reported forces chasing protesters inside their neighborhoods.

A number of protests against police violence have taken place this year in Khartoum state, including submission of a memorandum calling for an end to the ongoing police violence against activists and demonstrators in El Kalakla.

55 resistance committees and revolutionary bodies have now signed a new Revolutionary Charter for the Establishment of the People’s Authority, a political vision for the resistance committees, which became active last week.

Salary vigil 

In a separate protest on Sunday, workers of the Ministry of Health in Khartoum held a vigil to demand better salaries, following a wave of strikes last month across the country. Participants chanted slogans calling on the Ministry of Finance and the Governor of Khartoum to combat Sudan’s economic crisis more quickly.

Along with a salary increase, workers demanded a clothing allowance and other job benefits, highlighting a severe lack of incentives compared to the country’s soaring inflation. FEWS NET stated on September 30 that the month’s staple food prices remain 250-300 per cent above respective prices last year, and 550-700 per cent above the five-year average in Sudan.