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Khartoum court 'sentences two men to death for girl abuse'

September 11 - 2015 KHARTOUM
Street market in Khartoum (
Street market in Khartoum (

A Sudanese youth court has issued a death sentence against two men who were found guilty of sexually abusing a girl, and acquitted two defendants in Khartoum Bahri, according to a newspaper source.

A source told Akhir Lahza newspaper that the incident took place when the girl went out of their home at night, after saying goodbye to her friends who came to attend a ceremony organised by her family.

The girl was intercepted by four boys who were carrying a sword while on her way back home. The abusers reportedly took the girl to an empty school where they gang raped her, and then ran away.

The abused girl was found by a police patrol and took her to a hospital for treatment, according to the same source. Health authorities confirmed that the girl was raped.

He further said the police managed to arrest the four suspects to face justice, but the court ordered the release of two of the defendants owing to lack of evidence.

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