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Junior doctors continue their strike over unpaid salaries

September 20 - 2022 KHARTOUM / OMDURMAN
Junior doctors on strike over unpaid salaries (Sudan Tribune)
Junior doctors on strike over unpaid salaries (Sudan Tribune)

Junior doctors continued their nationwide strike, which is now on its tenth day. The doctors in training have been on strike because their salaries have not been paid for eight months and demand the payment of these dues.

The strike is currently taking place in 31 hospitals in six states. The strike participation rates are high, although slightly lower than the numbers reported last week.

In its daily report on the strike, the Junior Doctors Committee said that the strike participation rate in 25 hospitals was 100 percent, while the participation rate in the other hospitals ranged between 75 and 40 percent.

Yesterday was initially scheduled to be the last day of the strike, but the action was extended because the Federal Ministry of Health refused to talk with the striking doctors.

Last week, the committee also pointed out that the Ministry of Health did not respond to their requests, which “indicates its indifference to the Sudanese health system”.

When the strike was called, the committee threatened to strike for an indefinite period if its demands are not met.

Solidarity protest

The Unified Physicians’ Office carried out a protest on Sunday morning in front of Omdurman Teaching Hospital in solidarity with the strikes of the junior doctors, the medics in Northern State, and the doctors of the Khartoum North Hospital.

The sit-in demanded better provision of medical services to the people and for health services in emergency and primary health care centres to be free of charge.

The protesting doctors also emphasized improving the work environment and improving the salary structure for health professionals.


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