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Joint force seizes weapons, ammo, in South Kordofan security clampdown

June 6 - 2021 KADUGLI
Kadugli, capital of South Kordofan
Kadugli, capital of South Kordofan

The security services in Kadugli, capital of South Kordofan, seized a quantity of weapons, ammunition, and stolen property, as part of an inspection campaign carried out in coordination with the armed forces last week.

Major General Khalafallah Idris, commander of the 14th Infantry Division, confirmed in a press statement that the joint security forces have continued their series of campaigns, following the measures taken by the State Security Committee to rid the city of Kadugli from all forms of lawlessness and seize criminals and weapons disseminated outside the control of the regular forces.

He said that the joint forces include the people’s armed forces, the police with its specialized units, the security and intelligence services and rapid support, in addition to the prosecution.

He stressed that the forces are the watchful eye for the security of the people and added that the law of the armed forces prohibits any of its employees from carrying weapons outside the work site, and whoever is caught will be tried and handed over to his unit. He praised the efforts of the forces to implement the campaign and arrest the criminals.

South Kordofan Police Director, Major General Yasir Wagiallah, explained that the siege and search operation was carried out in tight coordination between the various security services and the Public Prosecution, which resulted in the seizure of weapons, ammunition, and medical medicines, in addition to the stolen items represented in mobile devices, TV screens and other exhibits of reports. He stressed their continuity in the siege and inspection to extend security and stability and to preserve the lives and property of people.

He said that the seizures have opened reports related to weapons and ammunition, including suspicious, and others related to the emergency law, pharmacy, and poisons, and they will be investigated by the police and the supervision of the Public Prosecution until they reach the stage of litigation.

He announced a curfew from eleven at night until five in the morning to further control the provisions and control the movement of criminals, pointing out that anyone who violates the emergency law will be punished, indicating that the police have intensified and increased the number of outposts inside the city of Kadugli.

He explained that the El Goz locality events that took place last week, in which a number of people were killed and wounded, are proceeding well, expecting the perpetrators to be arrested soon.

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