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JEM and SLA-MM sign agreement for united resistance in Darfur

March 24 - 2011 Kampala

In Kampala, JEM and SLA-MM signed an agreement to unite their resistance against the Khartoum government. It is a first serious step towards a united armed resistance in Darfur.

Mansur Arbab Junes, Secretary of JEM and signer of the agreement, stated that the goal of the treaty is to create a wider and unified resistance for change in Darfur. He firmly stated that the time is now right for resistance.

Dokter Al Reah Mahmoud, deputy president of SLA-MM, told Radio Dabanga that this agreement was achieved after an intense and widely supported dialogue. He continued that the goal of the resistance was to create a more modern, democratic and secular state.

He also confirmed that a similar treaty is on its way with the movement of Abdelwahed Mohamed Al Nur (SLA-AW) next week. The problems in Darfur cannot be solved on its own, if Sudan’s problems are not solved, he stated.

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