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JEM accuses Kober prison of torture

November 10 - 2012 KHARTOUM

The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) accused the administration of Kober prison, in Khartoum, of torturing five of its prisoners who were sentenced to death, according to statement released by the movement on Thursday, 8 November.

Jibril Adam Bilal, the movement's spokesman, claimed that the prison's administration tightens up prisoners and always whips them, with 15 to 25 lashes, each time they notice movement inside the facility.

In addition, prisoners are kept in solitary confinement for sometimes up to two months, the amount of food and water they receive has been reduced and their relatives cannot visit them, Bilal pointed out.

He revealed that these prisoners began a hunger strike last Saturday and that their health is 'deteriorating'.

In the statement, Jibril held the prison's director, Brigadier General Imad Mudawi Alhaj Khatami, responsible for what is happening to the inmates.

The spokesman appealed to humanitarian and human-rights organizations to monitor the conditions of the prisoners and their hunger strikes.

According to Jibril, the prisoners sentenced to death are: Sultan Ibrahim Abbaker Hashim, Haitham Adam Ali, Adam Abdul-Karim Fall, Abdul Nasser Jibril and Alwal Ali Hamidein.

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