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Insecurity grows at hands of militias: Kutum residents, North Darfur

March 12 - 2017 KUTUM / KASSAB
Kutum town in North Darfur (file photo)
Kutum town in North Darfur (file photo)

Insecurity and the number of attacks have grown at the hands of militias in Kutum locality, following a heavily guarded visit of Sudan's Vice-President to Kutum last January.

People in Kassab camp for the displaced reported this to Radio Dabanga. An activist in the camp said that the security conditions in Kutum and in the vicinity of the camp have started to deteriorate after Second Vice-President Hasabo Mohamed Abdelrahman visited the area in January.

“Militiamen who then used vehicles and motorcycles to escort him, have spread here, and attacked civilians.”

A vehicle belonging to the Unamid peacekeeping mission, which was part of the convoy, was briefly hijacked by militants during Abdelrahman's visit.

The activist claimed that 45 such attacks have occurred in Kutum and Kassab camp since then, including four murders, rape of women, robberies and cattle theft.

“These happened at the hands of pro-government militias. Authorities have not moved to prosecute the perpetrators, despite people filing reports about such incidents to the police.”


Furthermore the residents of Kassab camp complain of the deterioration of health services and a lack of medicines. A camp coordinator told this station that all the 8,000 displaced and residents of neighbouring villages have to rely on the only health centre and few medical workers in Kassab. “This creates severe overcrowding as people go to see one of the three paramedics of the centre.”

The centre would only examine patients and refer them to buy medicines from pharmacies elsewhere. “But the majority is unable to buy medicines because of the exorbitant prices.” The coordinator expressed hope that authorities will expand the centre and send medicines, physicians and more health personnel.

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