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Increase of malaria, typhoid in West Darfur

October 7 - 2013 EL GENEINA

Residents of El Geneina locality, West Darfur, are complaining about the high number of cases of malaria and typhoid in the area, while they claim health care and medicines are lacking.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a resident of El Geneina said that it is difficult to find one household in which no one is suffering from malaria or typhoid.

The resident also complained about the high costs of treatment. According to her, registering with a doctor or clinic costs SDG20 ($4.50) per patient. A medical examination costs SDG100 ($22.50), and the medicine to treat malaria costs SDG40 ($9) per injection.

The medical director of El Geneina hospital, Fathelrahman Abdelrazig, acknowledged the spread of malaria in the localities of El Geneina and Beida in West Darfur.

However, he strongly denied that malaria and typhoid have reached an epidemic phase. The high number of malaria cases in the localities is to be attributed to the many stagnant pools of water resulting from the recent heavy rainy season, he explained.

Abdelrazig acknowledged the high costs of treatment, which he attributed to the high exchange rate of the dollar. He added that “traders in medicines” also have increased their prices.

The doctor was "pleased to report" that the locality of Jebel Moon, which had remained for a long time without health care, now has a medical doctor.

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