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Homes devoured by flames in Darfur, eastern Chad

February 13 - 2017 ASSALAYA / GIREIDA / GOZ AMER
Houses burning in a Darfur camp for the displaced (
Houses burning in a Darfur camp for the displaced (

Fires destroyed more than 100 houses and shelters in Darfur and eastern Chad over the weekend.

On Sunday, a fire destroyed the full contents of 95 houses in Assalaya in East Darfur.

“The fire could spread very rapidly owing to the strong winds,” one of the victims reported to Radio Dabanga.

He added that 13 cows and sheep burned to death, and 120 tons of groundnuts and 250 [100kg] sacks of sorghum were lost.

He appealed to the governmental Humanitarian Aid Commission, the local authorities, and aid organisations “to assist us and accommodate our relatives and children who are now camping in the open”.

In Gireida in South Darfur, fires destroyed a number of homes in two camps for the displaced on Sunday.

“24 shelters were destroyed and another 10 were damaged in Um Balula camp,” the Gireida camps coordinator reported. “In Babanusa camp, four homes burned to ashes. Fortunately, no one was hurt.”

On Saturday, four Darfuri families in Goz Amer refugee camp in eastern Chad lost their houses because of a fire.

El Zein Mohamed, correspondent for Radio Dabanga in eastern Chad reported that the cause of the fire is still unknown. 

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