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High market prices for basic commodities in Darfur

July 31 - 2012 EL-FASHER, EL-GENEINA

Residents of El-Fasher and of El-Geneina, in North and West Darfur, are suffering due to rising prices at both cities' markets. Citizens told Radio Dabanga they are unable to purchase necessary basic goods due to their low incomes and the rising prices, causing a market recession.

They added the current prices differ significantly from the previous years. Residents from El-Fasher informed Radio Dabanga that one pound of sugar rose to 3 Sudanese pounds (SDP), a half bottle of oil rose to 10 SDP, a pound of palm dates rose to 5 SDP, a kilo of meat rose to 45 SDP and a plate of millet rose to 14 SDP.

In El-Geneina a kilo of lamb rose to 40 SDP, beef rose to 35 SDP, a pound of sugar rose to 3 SDP, a half plate of millet rose to 6 SDP, a half plate of dura rose to 5 SDP and a bottle of oil rose to 18 SDP, according to residents. They say that although all of their families members are currently working, they are still unable to purchase basic goods.

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