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'Herders destroy harvest season': Darfur farmers

November 2 - 2014 MURNEI / MANAWASHI

Farmers in West Darfur and South Darfur have complained about militant herders who let their camels and other livestock graze on their farmlands by force of arms.

The coordinator of the Murnei camp told Radio Dabanga that it currently is harvest season, and that the grazing annimals damage their harvest. “We filed a complaint to the UN-AU Mission in Darfur (Unamid) about the pro-government herders’ attacks, but it did not take any action.

“We have nothing but our agriculture, by which we improve our living circumstances, especially in light of the lack of the food provided by organisations.” He appealed to the authorities to protect the farmers, so they can harvest their farms.

‘Grazing starts next year’

Farmers in Manawashi, South Darfur, also complained about the forced early grazing by the militant herders’ livestock. One of the farmers revealed that large tracts planted with millet, sorghum, okra, tomatoes, and other vegetable crops are damaged or destroyed. The early grazing does not to start until February of the next year, he stressed.

The most affected areas, the farmer told, are Abu Ashara, south of Manawashi, and Abodomwa. He appealed via Radio Dabanga to all parties to intervene so as to protect the farming areas and take away the camels and livestock of the herders. He called upon the herders to adhere to the schedule of early grazing in February.

File photo: A Sudanese pastoralist with his camels (unknown)


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