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Herders attack farmers in Tawila locality

November 27 - 2018 TAWILA
A woman tending her crops in Darfur (file photo)
A woman tending her crops in Darfur (file photo)

Three farmers were attacked by herders who drove their livestock onto their farms in Tawila locality on Monday morning.

The three women were working on their farms between Tabit and Hashaba villages in North Darfur when the attack took place.

Other farmers reported to Radio Dabanga that herders attacked them with sticks and axes, injuring Kaltoum Yahya (35 years), Salma Adam (48) and Kaltoum Ibrahim (55).

The witnesses said that the injured women were taken to Tabit health centre after they reported the incident to the police.

Pastoralists with cattle herds have caused significant losses to the fields of sorghum, sesame, watermelon and groundnuts in the current agricultural season, farmers in Tawila reported in October.

On Sunday, farmers in South Darfur’s Mershing locality came under the attack of herders who forced their livestock onto the lands filled with crops.

In Mershing, farmers have complained about early grazing by the cattle of herders. The farmers have called on the committee for the protection of the agricultural season, which took the amount of SDG 50 from each farm owner.

The committee has set the month of January for the start of the grazing season, to protect the farm fields so that the crops can be harvested.

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