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Hemeti: TMC ready to hand over power to civilians

June 17 - 2019 KHARTOUM

Deputy chairman of the Transitional Military Council (TMC), Lt Gen Mohamed Hamdan, better known as Hemeti, claimed at a rally on Sunday that the TMC is ready to hand over the government to the Sudanese people. He also swore to persecute those responsible for the violent breakup of the sit-in in Khartoum.

Hemeti said in a speech to his followers in Khartoum on Sunday: “We are ready to hand over the cabinet today or tomorrow. We are not against any party or person.”

Hemeti told the Sudanese people to support the TMC and protect the revolution. “The TMC is ready to form a government of technocrats as soon as possible, representing all Sudanese.” He stressed that the TMC seeks to hold free and fair elections with international monitoring.

Hemeti urged that a solution must now be found, because the country can’t stand the current situation any longer. He called on the attendees to form committees and get involved in negotiating the transition process.


Hemeti swore to persecute whoever was involved in the violent dismantling of the sit-in in Khartoum, even if they proved to be from the TMC. The dismantling of the sit-in cost over 100 protestors their lives and dozens were raped. He said justice would take its course "until we deliver them to the gallows".

He added that the dismantling of the sit-in was a trap to ruin the reputation of the Rapid Support Forces, which he is leading.


Hemeti stressed that the TMC does not want the power and has not refused to negotiate. An agreement with the opposition will be a mandate for the TMC from the Sudanese people, he said.

Activists and politicians denounced Hemeti's claim of getting a popular mandate to form a government. They compared it to Abdelfattah El Sisi's speech in Egypt, when he asked for a popular mandate after the army overthrew President Mohamed Morsi.


Adel Khalafallah, leading member of the Alliance for Freedom and Change, said that the Sudanese people did not delegate TMC deputy chairman Hemeti to speak on their behalf.

He added that if the military junta forms a government of technocrats without the participation of the Alliance for Freedom and Change, the AFC will start a general strike and will call for new demonstrations and vigils.

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